Tuesday, April 10, 2007

In the Wake of Feedback

So, these test screening forms are pretty intense. Some of my personal favorites.

- Everything is okay, except for the story.

- The music ... sounded soft core pornish. You might wanna go with another song, or not ...

- Visually is was very nice in general

- Excellent job, if not a bit cliched story. (if anyone knows a story I have cliched, please, please let me know.)

- Was she dreaming, or had she known before?

- Music must be improved! I was wondering if this film were made for the same person because they all have Jump cut that are not clear and they just confused the picture.

- I'm not a fan of romance/fantasy (Sorry?)

- Please change eyelines in cafe conversation.

- The opening ... I didn't understand. Don't like the title, how does that go?

Okay, so, translations are more than welcome.

Seriously, though, some of the feedback is useful, and I loved reading opinions on my film, even if some of them were a bit ... harsh. Or incoherent.

Rich made a good point - you have to read between the lines for useful material.

Now, I'm off to the editing bay to use that eyeline changer tool in Final Cut ...

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