Thursday, January 18, 2007

Fresh starts

Didn't get to pitch this week. However, I'm guessing this will work out in my favor since now that I've seen it done, I have an opportunity to polish up my plans, maybe even make a nifty slideshow.

I had a productive meeting with my Art Director (Jesse Chapman) last night - was supposed to meet with my DP (Drew Suppa) today after colloquium, but he had an emergency to attend to in Tampa, so we've rescheduled for next Monday at noon. I'm going to try to get Jesse in attendance, so the three of us can hash out a basic idea of what we want.

I've decided to dedicate one day of shooting to the cafe/restaurant area. We'll do breakfast and lunch there and wrap before sundown, hopefully without too much light shift. The next day half the crew will convene at the apartment set and begin to get things ready and set up dinner catering, while the other half films the alleyway stuff nearby. We'll get back to the apartment, feed everyone, and wrap after a few of the simplest shots I have in mind for the entire film.

As long as the cafe stuff goes smoothly, I think the plan leaves little room for error.
On a slightly unrelated note, I lost my job today. It's been a while coming, and I can honestly say that I'm a slight bit relieved. However, my ex-boss graciously has agreed to pay me for the next two weeks, which will give me free time to prepare for this shoot and to look for replacement employment.

I couldn't have gotten two weeks paid vacation if I hadn't been "let go," so I'm going to go ahead and look at it as a positive thing.
I've decided I would like to produce one film. I've offered to one in particular that I'm waiting to hear back about, but if anyone is desperate for a producer, please give me a ring.
So - here's my crew list so far:
Producer - Desiree Proctor
Director of Photography - Drew Suppa
Gaffer - John Heppe
Grips - James and Robert Dastoli
Art Direction - Jesse Chapman
First A.D. - Sean Heyboar
Script Supervisor, etc. - Janine Godfrey
Craft Services - Ginan Jobarah
Am I missing something imperative? Aside from filling PA positions, if I'm missing something vital, let me know.

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