Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Rewrite, etc.

I finished a complete rewriting of my script yesterday. What will probably end up happening is a combination of the two drafts. The story is still exactly the same, but I wanted to play with dialogue and locations.

The story is pretty versatile. I just want to be ready for any sudden changes as shooting approaches. I was telling Desiree that I could really make any sort of social location work for the reality scene. I just need to make sure I can give it the proper seasonal feel.

I met with my DP yesterday too. We got a lot accomplished. Obviously, casting and locations will leave a bunch subject to change and adjustment, but we've hashed out a basic color scheme, etc.

I want the shoot to look powdery. Think eye-shadow tones and consistencies.

As far as locale goes, Drew is becoming attached to the idea of shooting in St. Augustine, and I must admit I think it would bring another layer of fantasy to the piece. The entire city has an otherworldy type of feel to it when one is a visitor, and the ambiguity of time and place perfectly suits the story at hand.

The idea of having a harbor in my film hadn't previously crossed my mind, but right now it seems perfect. Of course, I'm not getting too attached to anything yet.

Well, with the exception of having cobbelstones for my alleyway scene.

Originally, I had pictured something simple, even kind of skeezy - like this:

But wider, of course.

Now, the possibilities of things like the following have got me all a flutter:

(exclude starving orphan from my fantasy shoot).

Anyway, I'll probably use some of these images in my pitch tomorrow. Wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

Oops, I didn't read the script today, I guess I'll just hear it tomorrow. I'm excited to see how it turns out though! I'll see you bright & early tomorrow morning! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

So I don't think everyone else was loving your tagline as much as I was. May need to work on that.

:( & I thought it was so good. What'd you think of the response? I think it may have sounded cheesy the way it came out, but it's actually not! I thought it was clever.