Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Approaching the storm

Here's where I am -

I held auditions last weekend, and they went very well. I will be changing Tarek's name, since the best male actor I saw is very All-American, and the name doesn't suit him. He absolutely blew me away, so I feel justified in this decision.

I've been juggling a few names for a while here: Charlie, Luke, etc. Any ideas are welcome.

I don't have a Gemma yet. I saw some definite maybes (very flakey of me, I know), but I'd like to see a few more girls before I make my final decision. Desiree's taking care of that.

I'm going to go check out St. Augustine this weekend and see if I can lock onto a positive location. I'm getting sort of panicky because I'm shooting in a little more than a week, so it's cutting things very close. As it is, I need to get my production book flying toward Lisa last week.

So, it's around 10pm, and I'll probably be on campus for another few hours finishing that business up. I'm going to meet with Desiree later tonight, and bring Jesse along to discuss props, etc.

I met with Rich concerning my script last week, and got some great feedback. I feel comfortable pushing toward the comedic side of my story now, and got some good starting points. I'm going to wait to make my third (and hopefully final) revision until after I see my locations.

I feel like they can be a character in and of themselves, so they deserve a bit of discovery before I lock onto a plan of action. However, sequence will be the same, so I'm good to start planning schedules and whatnot.

Anyway - headshots and location photos coming soon.


Zack Lyons said...

shannon, it sounds like you got your shit in order. I think you're going to do awesome. I wish i could help on on your shoot but its so close to mine and im swamped with stuff so i apologize. I think you're on to something with this movie and will be your best yet.

LbinoPenguin said...

I'm SO glad you took Sawyer's spot, because now we both get both Dastolis AND I can check out more lights.

We both win! Yaaaaaaaaay