Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Pushing back

Thank all that is holy, I have more time.

Yesterday was an emotional disaster. Everything has just been lagging and keeping everyone in order was nearly impossible with everything so close. So, like the gracious and merciful diety he is, Rich gave me Johnny's spot.

We had a production meeting yesterday, and it was much more constructive in lieu of a two week grace period than it would've been with all of us sprinting toward this weekend.

Natura is secured as my bookstore for the time being, and I have a shot list to match, but Suppa and I are going out today to look at a few more places before any final decision is made.

I also have my male lead cast, as I mentioned before - here he is. Obviously it would be a bit strange to call him "Tarek," so as I said before, I'm furiously brainstorming for different names.

Anyway, off to location scout - wish me luck



Rich G said...

Looks like a Trevor to me.


LbinoPenguin said...

You're my favorite... t-tapper?

Anonymous said...

Location update?