Saturday, February 10, 2007

Falling into place

I found my Gemma! I don't have an online image of her to share, but she's very cute, and almost spot on for what I pictured when I wrote the part. I need to cast around her age range, because she's younger than I anticipated, but she's very talented, and I'm excited about what we're going to turn out.

I'm going to check out our location in a few minutes to scratch up a final shot list. It's beautiful from what I remember, and already has quite a few Christmas lights displayed on gorgeous through-the-floor trees that grow up into the restaurant.

Obvoiusly, I need to make some script adjustments, but I'm super relieved that everything is beginning to come together.

Cast and Crew meeting this Thursday. Will do some make-up tests, establish wardrobe, and get a few screen-test shots out of the way to be posted here.

Still have to find an alleyway, but I'm feeling good about everything.

I've got good maybes for Lillith and the Wholesome guy. Those parts will be easier to cast. I'm thinking about making the wholesome guy a restaurant employee since we coudln't find a bookstore, but I'm not sure if that, plus the collision with Gemma makes for too much of a reminder of my unfortunate Directing I piece.

Anyway, off I go. Location images perhaps later tonight.

Everyone send a "get well" to James - part of him exploded. Had to hurt.

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