Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Window Shopping

This image is perfect as a title card to my film. It sums everything up. So, here we are, a day after shooting, and I have the following to say:

First of all, Desiree has been amazing. I didn't have to worry about anything on set, and she even took care of the equipment return sans moi.

The set went really smoothly. We are missing one vital shot - the coverage of which, in one take, is done with the eyeline in the wrong direction, but I should be able to handle it.

Phil has helped me do a pass of my first half rough cut, and I'm very happy with what we've turned out. We've discussed some of the music ideas we've got - sound design will be crucial in this project.

Anyway, just wanted to pop in. Enjoy some stills from the shoot, I had to brighten them a lot to get them to look decent a la the computer, so I'll fix that tomorrow - I'm going to sleep.

This is the cafe - all Christmased up. It looks fantastic. The frost on the windows was a nightmare to get off, and for the record, I hate that stained glass door.

Jesse was the comic relief on set - thank God. In this photo he's being moderately obnoxious. It's also a fantastic display of the fake Swiss Alps-esque landscape he created with his top-notch production design.

Fantasy Christmas apartment - looking lovely

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