Friday, February 16, 2007


We haven't found the perfect wardrobe for Rebecca yet, but I did want to share some of the shots we got from her at the meeting last night.

Her attitude/look makes me feel really good about what we're going to turn out.

Also, the meeting was a roaring success - we had a creative pow-wow and figured out how to make the location work. I'll be finishing up my rewrite tonight. :)

(note the engagement ring - most likely what we'll use)


Ginan said...

She looks great. And I do love the brown dress.

The meeting/shin-dig was definitely very productive. 15 medium Philly cheese steaks, baby! (OK, I'll keep working on that.)

Rich G said...


I like her look. There's something devious there that will play well on camera.

As for your question about times, your Blog is probably set to West Coast Time. To change that, go to SETTINGS and choose the FORMAT TAB. Look for TIME ZONE and change that to Eastern Standard Time.